Cordelia // Technicolor Kitty

hellokittyheelsandcandy02 hellokittyheelsandcandy03 hellokittyheelsandcandy004 hellokittyheelsandcandy005 hellokittyheelsandcandy07 hellokittyheelsandcandy08 hellokittyheelsandcandy09 hellokittyheelsandcandy010 hellokittyheelsandcandy011

Nothing hotter than a girl and a skateboard, especially a Hello Kitty deck. Cordelia is in thrifted technicolor panties and a skimpy yellow bandeau found at Garage; both in Austin, TX.
These are from an upcoming Filthy Friends Zine, featuring my sexy girlfriends scantily clad and/or in PUREFILTH Clothing.
This was Cordelia’s first time shooting, show her some love and welcome her to Heels and Candy!
Art Direction and Photography by quinn cornchip

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