The crew over at JUNNNKTANK Webzine recently did a feature about H&C, and also had some pretty good interview questions. Here is a small excerpt from the article, you can see some of your favorite images from H&C, and read the interview in it’s entirety over at JUNNNKTANK

On Shooting Hardly-Anything-At-All Models:

While on my lunch break at work, I saw a video on 12oz Prophet where artist KR is photographing a beautiful model after he dripped colorful paint on her. Then and there, I decided I too was going to take pictures of models, but I had no idea how it would ever happen. It was just one of those silly things in life you catch yourself wishing for, you know? It wasn’t until almost a year later, when I met Quinn (Cornchip) that I started down that path. We started shooting together, but in a much more personal manner. After doing this for about a year, we got published, so I decided to make an online portfolio. It was just Quinn at first, then as I worked with other models and the core group started to develop.

Who were your influences as a graffiti artist and what about it appealed to you?

I grew up in Houston, and I was very fortunate to see NEKST, VIZIE, MEAT & VERBS along with the rest of their crews dominate the city. They set the standard for me forever as far as what counts as good graffiti. Aesthetic-wise, I love round, bubbly styles, the more cartoony, the better.

Heels And Candy is just oozing with sensuality. Tell us the roles women and sexuality play in your work.

I just can’t think of anything else that embodies a multitude of emotions and states of mind as a powerful image of the female form. It can often be a mirror for the viewer, and a litmus test for the health of a society. And, if women were able to understand the true power they have over men, it would be they who rule the world.

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