Girl Of The Day

What form of art gives you the most emotional release?

Modeling and photography are definitely two of the top forms of art that help me to express myself.  I love the fact that I can turn an image to give off any emotion or vibe I want; whether I’m the photographer capturing it or the model helping perceive it.  I love being able to dress up in crazy outfits and do specific themes.  Or hell, just create something fun and spontaneous and crazy.  I also sew my own costumes!

Do you prefer summer or winter?

I prefer Spring.  I love the summer but it just gets so damn unbearable…especially in Texas…but that’s what the Springs are for.  I love the winter.  I’m a winter baby.  But having titanium rods in my back with the cold, not so much fun.  Spring is just right; everything is blooming, life is coming back, and perfect temperature.

Describe your perfect day –

Hmm…I honestly have no idea.  I guess sleep in a little, take forever to get out of bed since I have 2 adorable kittens who love to cuddle, have someone make me coffee and breakfast in bed (heh), go down to the springs to hoop and swim…then eat some sushi!  Go out in costume (preferably not downtown Austin…ew) and do some dancin’ and fire spinning!

You take photos as well, how is it, being on both sides of the lens?

Being a photographer before modeling really taught me a lot.  Before I got really involved with modeling, I knew what angles accentuated curves or facial structure and whatnot.  I thoroughly enjoy doing both!  And being on both ends of the spectrum really helps understanding everything in between.

Most importantly, what is your favorite candy?

Oh god…I am a candy fiend!  I love chocolate and gummies and chocolate covered gummies!  Caramel, chocolate oranges, fruity things and so many more.  Too many favorites to name anything specific.  If it falls in said genre, chances are I will love it.

Devin Willow by Mr.Glass

Styling by Ms.Cornchip

Wool Peacoat by HUF, courtesy of Complete, Austin

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