Yummy! Featuring: Elle V

How was your day today?
Pretty awesome.  It’s Friday, my work week is over, and the weather is amazing.
Where are you from, and what do you do?
I’m originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but I was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I’ve lived in Texas long enough to call it home though.  At the moment, I help run my family’s business and model whenever I can.
Where has your modeling taken you in life so far?
I love that modeling has introduced me to many wonderful people, I now consider friends.  I also feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and can use what I’ve learned through my experience to pursue other passions.  It makes me incredibly happy and satisfied.
How does it feel to be the subject, and play a role in helping someone else create art?
It feels good to be a part of something “made.”  It’s important for me to do my best and work hard.  I never want to let myself, photographers, or any other members of the team down.  I think great art is produced when everyone shares the same outlook.
Tell us about the photoshoot from your perspective-
This shoot was as good as it gets.  It was relaxed, spontaneous, and undemanding. You were easy going and pretty much let me do whatever I wanted.  I really like being able to model without being posed or directed at all times.  I work better that way.  And when wardrobe is provided, it’s always a plus!  I was also very excited to see Quinn Cornchip!  We have been online friends and it was great to meet her in person.  At the end of the shoot, I knew there would be some great images.
All Photos © 2011 Mr.Glass
T-shirt Courtesy of MadGods /Sunglasses stylist’s own/Leggings and bikini bottom model’s own
Styling by Ms.Cornchip

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